Kaosstronik Album

New record and edit Rainstick track with plus Effects Harrison Gverb and 3D Triplo Delay for all friends Web :) New record and mix on Gnu Linux Debian Stretch 9 and Mixbus 4.3.19 – Peace and Love
Kaossambient 30
Gennaro Giugliano uses : Yamaha Dx7 Mk1 Synthesizer,Rainstick bamboo 100 cm,Asus Phonepad,Korg Monotron Delay,Zoom Ms 70 cdr (Particle Verb), Radio Maria Ukraine processed by Korg Monotron delay,Qtractor Sequencer audio/midi, Ldspa Plug in compressor,Samson Co1 condenser Microphone,Behringer Xenix 1202 Mixer, Maudio Firewire solo audio card, Esi Near 05 ex Monitor studio,Hp elite 8200 Sff computer with samsung s24 d330 monitor full hd,Debian Stretch 9.0.4 System,Audacity editor,OpenShot editing video,FFADO Mixer firewire solo,cadence software for jack audio connect


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